A solo exhibition by Aya Tarek Rendered in a chaotic arrangement of splatter and controlled markings, a slap of meat floats in a bright blue background, with a striking ‘Halal’ sprayed on top in neon green.  An authentic wagyu beef lives in its alternate universe, a puddle of blue, green, and gold, surrounded by crisp black darkness. While a T-Bone steak, with shades of red, lined with creamy white, in its complete raw essence, is so mouth-watering, you will want to eat it!

An ode to our consumption, a never-ending cycle, devouring one plate after another, TOKEN explores this obsession its effect on the Egyptian societal ideals that dominate our virtual and non-virtual realities. TOKEN is beyond a symbol, keepsake, or unit of cryptocurrency.

TOKEN is a rollercoaster ride that merges paintings and digital NFT artworks in an ideological and visual twist that will transport the viewer into a realm of cultural critique and admiration.

TOKEN is curated by Marwa Benhalim and produced by B’sarya for Arts. 

NFT & Digital Partner by NFTY Arabia.

Curatorial Text