Oracle Of Lies

Oracle of Lies (2020) is a digital art exhibition by Aya Tarek and Udo Prinsen. Together, the two artists looked for inspiration in the symbols of good and bad luck in Egyptian and European cultures in order to create this visual experience about an oracle who only predicted lies yet everyone believed him. The oracle is the antithesis of Cassandra, the Trojan priestess and princess, whom Apollo gifted with the ability to utter true prophecies, but whom he cursed to never be believed. This oracle is a lair, an illusionist, a fabricator, yet we all believe him because we want to. He tells the lies we choose to believe in order to feel safe. Cassandra is the mysterious truth that cannot be discovered unless we look closely beyond the mystery within mystery and look the oracle in the eye.

Oracle of Lies is the product of Rebooting artistic residency organised by B'sarya for Arts with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt.

Exhibition Preview
The Maze Edition Interview